Time Works

by Authors

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Produced by Authors
Mixed & mastered by Paul Warnock


released April 24, 2013

Anton Bastianelli - Vocals
Liam James - Guitar/Vocals/Arrangement
Paul 'Ginge' Warnock - Drums/Vocals
John James - Bass/Vocals
Josh Shröuder - Guitars



all rights reserved


Authors Dundee, UK

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Track Name: Time Works
I don't want to know how this all ends
But I know how it all began
The decisions that we make along the roads that we take
I hope you know there's ice on every road
Am I going too fast or am I going too slow?

Here we go: impact with the car crash
I'm moving on and I'm hoping for a fresh start
I'm on the edge and I'm building up my own tomb
I walk fast and I'm walking with my own wounds
Hold fast, don't crash
The only thing I want to do is make the real shit last
Stay true, I'll stay with you
'Cause the devil in my thoughts won't let me through

You put your trust in my hands and wrapped it round this wheel
I think I lost control, I don't know how I feel
Who's fault was this? Was it fate or me?
I had a chat with the devil and we made a deal
The glass distorts and I can't see
Is this the kind of man that I want to be?
I can't believe we're out of time
This fate was yours but now it's mine

I made it out alive to find that things were not alright
All I know is gone but I'm alright
(Time works for everyone but me)
(Time works and I'm alright)

Don't look back, this could all be mine
This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time

We could be seconds from death, this could be our last breath
So I'll make my words count, I'll scream and I'll shout
We could die at any time, look at your life and look at mine
Do you see where I'm coming from?

(I can see)
Don't look back, this could all be mine
This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time

We walk as wounded
Track Name: Take Care
The last time we spoke you stared at me and said "take care son, take care of me" but I still don't understand. The ground shifts beneath my feet. It still hurts as the words fall from my teeth and at night I can't find my way to sleep. So just breathe, relax, figure it out, I hear another patient here in the ward shout out to the wife that he lost back in '94 but he can't remember how he watched her forget him and the kids but now he's just as crazed looking back on better days. So anyway, the last words that you said to me, I can't make sense and I can't see - what were you trying to say? Maybe I'll go back in time for a day. Have you really gone to a better place?

All the ambition I uphold is false hope

Now we fast forward as the coffin's getting lowered
And some sad song sings about a bridge that's troubled over water
It brings us closer - more together - I guess that's better
'Cause even now I still have letters sunk into my skin